Trekking: Mediterranean Steps

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The Med Steps are located on the eastern face of the Rock of Gibraltar, starting at an altitude of 180 metres and finishing at 426 metres at O'Hara's Battery, the highest point on the Rock, where you will find two 9.2 Inch guns.

The Mediterranean Steps were created by the military as part of a system of communication that would run between two defence points of Gibraltar. There is still much evidence of a military presence throughout the trek; and you will see buildings and gun placements dating back to the Second World War. There are also some aspects of the steps that are prehistoric in nature as well as natural sites that also appear on the steps.

Although steep and often uneven the Mediterranean steps appear to be, and in fact are, a flight of stairs that have been cut from the limestone. The sheer height and breathtaking views will leave you amazed; it is easy to see why so many choose to scale the heights.

More than 500 different species of plants are hosted on just 2 1/2 square miles of Gibraltar; this is an enormous ecosystem for such a small area. No other place in Europe hosts plants known as Gibraltar Candytuft, Gibraltar Thyme, and Gibraltar Sea Lavender; a coastal plant that grows in only a few places as well as Gibraltar.

One plant that you should look for during your Mediterranean Steps trek, is the Gibraltar Campion, a true species to itself as well as one of the most rare and critically endangered plants in the world today.

If bird watching is your hobby, you won't be left out. Gibraltar's geographical location enjoys a unique array of bird life, including Gibraltar's own Barbary Partridge. Each spring and autumn the Rock becomes a staging post for hundreds of thousands of migrating birds flying between their breeding grounds in Northern Europe and their wintering areas in tropical Africa.

Barbary Rock Adventures offer a guided service for the Med Steps, whether you're interested in the flora, fauna, or just getting to the top, have our expert guides take you around and give you the experience of a lifetime!

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Fitness Level



2.5 Hours/ 2Km


Medium (ascending), or Easy (descending)

20 per person


All the necessary emergency and first aid equipment is provided. You must provide your own personal medication, food and water. We will advise you beforehand of the clothing and equipment requirements.




All transport, to and from the trek is provided

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