The limestone crag of Manilva can be found just half an hour from Gibraltar, along the Costa Del Sol. It hosts a massive range of sport climbing of all grades, single and multi-pitch routes. However, it's not the climbing that makes Manilva special, but its amazing rock formations and its remoteness. It is usually the case that no one else will be seen in the area for your entire visit. This, and it's extremely wild flora and fauna, makes it one unique place.

Barbary Rock Adventures offer a guided service for Manilva. The crags are hard to get to, with a fair bit of bush-walking involved. It is requested that self guided parties practice caution in the area as it is also popular amongst potholers; enough said.

See our Manilva photos here.


Fitness Level



Depending on activity

Depending on grade/activity

Depending on grade

125 for one person
If a group of two 95 per Person


All the necessary climbing and first aid equipment is provided. You must provide your own personal medication, food and water. We will advise you beforehand of the clothing and equipment requirements.



To be decided

All transport, to and from the climbing area is provided

How to book

Contact Barbary Rock Adventures to book, or for further information. See the Terms & Conditions.