Trekking: El Picacho

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El Picacho is located within the Alcornocales Natural Park in Cadiz. From its summit at 882m superb panoramic views of Africa and Gibraltar can be had. The Alcornocales Natural Park is incredibly rich in exotic flora and fauna, and within its Pine and Cork tree jungle you will be able to find the Drosophyllum lusitanicum, a native carnivorous plant of the Western Mediterranean. However, it doesn't end there; keeping you company throughout your visit will be gigantic vultures and eagles.

Barbary Rock Adventures offer a guided service for El Picacho. It is a perfect location for anyone looking to get some amazing photographs of the local wildlife, and with our expert guidance that can be easily achieved.

See our Picacho photos here.


Fitness Level



4 Hours/ 3Km



50 per person


All the necessary emergency and first aid equipment is provided. You must provide your own personal medication, food and water. We will advise you beforehand of the clothing and equipment requirements.




All transport, to and from the trek is provided

How to book

Contact Barbary Rock Adventures to book, or for further information. See the Terms & Conditions.