Rock Climbing Courses: From Plastic to Rock

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If you're experienced on the indoor wall, but not too confident about the transition to Sport Climbing outdoors, then this course is a perfect introduction. The course is structured to help you become self-sufficient as quickly and safely as possible. It teaches you all the skills you need and all the necessary knowledge on crag etiquette as well as tips on equipment selection.


Fitness Level


5 Hours


65 per person (group discount available)


All the necessary climbing and first aid equipment is provided. You must provide your own personal medication, food and water. We will advise you beforehand of the clothing and equipment requirements.



Must know how to: Tie-in/ Belay/ Lead Climb

All transport, to and from the climbing area is provided

How to book

Contact Barbary Rock Adventures to book, or for further information. See the Terms & Conditions.